Barbara Steele

Devon Hedgerows

Signed Limited Edition Giclee Prints

When walking around Devon you cannot but fail to notice the variety of hedgerows

 from the high moors to the lush farmland valleys.

  Recently I have been photographing the hedgerows I visit regularly - the hedgerows at the organic West Town Farm at Ide; the hedgerows on the footpath to the allotments in Chudleigh and the high moorland hedgerows near Saddle Bridge on Dartmoor. 


Dartmoor 1


Dartmoor 2


Dartmoor 3


West Town Farm 1


West Town Farm 2


West Town Farm 3


West Town Farm 4


West Town Farm 5


West Town Farm 6


Footpath 1


Footpath 2


These images are printed on acid free watercolour paper using pigment inks.

Both paper and pigment inks are of the highest quality,

however they should not be hung in direct sunlight and never under non-reflective glass.